We’re a group of designers, developers, product managers, data engineers, digital marketers—interns. We nourish a growing Slack community, and will be hosting events, meetups, and Q&As throughout the summer. We want to provide a community for the thousands of students interning over the summer, and become your one-stop guide to an awesome summer experience!


SF/Bay Area


New York City



Say what?

what is is a space for interns by interns. Being an intern in a new city can be a really cool experience and we want to make it super easy for you to meet new people and have an amazing time. Hence, we have created Slack groups in the major cities, and will be holding events, meetups, and Q&As where you can meet other interns as well.

how will this improve my internship experience?

You get to meet amazing people who, like you, might be in a new city. You can leave work and still be able to enjoy yourself by checking out a new neighborhood or a new bar with erstwhile strangers. All in all, our hope is that more interns take the time to enjoy themselves outside of work and make some friends along the way.

who started this? started by way of the annual bay area intern Slack group. We expanded on that this year by launching in three cities to allow interns to meet other interns around them and do stuff outside of work.

how can i contact you?

You can DM @greg in the Slack channel, or email We recommend recruiters reach out to one of the admins.

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